Holding deposit (per occupation contract) - five week's rent.

This is to reserve a property. Please note: The whole sum or part of the sum of the Holding Deposit can be retained in any of the following circumstances:

  • False or misleading information is provided by any of the Prospective contract holders which affects the Landlord's decision (acting reasonably) in letting the Property to the prospective contract holders; or
  • The Prospective Contract Holders fail(s) to take all reasonable steps to enter into the Occupation Contract Agreement (where the Landlord and/or Agent have taken all reasonable steps to enter into a contract before the Deadline for Agreement); or
  • The Prospective Contract Holders [notify/notifies] the Letting Agent that they do not wish to enter into the Occupation Contract Agreement prior to the Deadline for Agreement.

Deposit - five weeks rent

During the occupation contract, the contract holder is responsible for paying charges for electricity, gas, council tax, water rates, television licence and telephone (including connection charge, rental and any deposit required). Personal contents insurance is also the contract holders responsibility.

In addition, the following costs may be incurred during the period of the Occupation Contract:

  • Avoidable or purposeful damage to a property.

Contract holders are liable to the actual cost of remedying any damage incurred (as detailed in a contractors invoice)

  • Lost Key(s) or other Security Device(s).

Contract holders are liable to the actual cost of replacing any lost key(s) or other security device(s). If the loss results in locks needing to be changed, the actual costs of a locksmith, new lock and replacement keys for the contract holder, landlord and any other persons requiring keys will be charged to the contract holder.

  • Pay any excess on the Landlord's insurance if the claim results from the negligence, misuse or failure to act reasonably by the contract holder or any of his visitors or friends.
  • Pay and arrange for the removal of all vermin, pests and insects, if infestation begins during the term, woodworm and wood-boring insects excepted, unless such infestation occurs as a failure of the Landlord to fulfil his repairing obligations.
  • Where the contract holder requests a repair and on inspection the problem has been caused by a failure on the part of the contract holder (for example drains blocked by the contract holders waste or boiler repair claims caused by not having any credit on a utility meter), the contract holder agrees to be responsible for the costs of the contractor's visit.

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